Sunday, March 7, 2010

dear diary : continue bad days stories & weekend with diniah shaharum ;)

last entry i'd shared with you the bad days of me 1st march till 3th march. i thought that might be the last "bad" had been continued till 4th march..heh!!

thursday, 4th march : my sis called me, told me a surprise that she wanted to come here..OMG!! i'm so happy...yeah!!! you know what...after work, i went to "terminal sri iskandar"...fisya, u know how terrible the services are..heh!! the person who conduct the ticket counter..i want to buy a ticket for my sis...i was queuing..3persons was in front of me...that "kakak" was so lembab...i boleh sabar lagi...takpe2...till my turn, i asked her, ticket to penang, she said " gi penang takdela dik"..hanginnye i..cos almost half an hour waiting for my turn, there's an iklan "penang 9.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm" come i won't get angry with that "kakak" yg dgn muka slambe jek tu.
luckily night of 4th march, i'd a history class (another group) usual, i gave a lecture happily with my lovely student ( i've got a great respond for them..hee)...Then i got back home, thinking of some plans for my sis

lets share something special...last friday, my sis were here(seri iskandar, perak)...she's in penang ( usm final year student : sains farmasi..heh!!)...when your family are around...eventhough only one of them, you will feel great!! i think all of you will feel the same as me...undescribable moment!!

nadya shaharum and diniah shaharum (girly style for today..heh!!)

nothing much we had done and we didn't go anywhere except UTP and bandar universiti..hahaha...the greatest moment...we was talking and talking and talking and gossipping lots of stories..watched our fav tv programmes, ate ice cream, etc...
my bro in UTP..but, he kind of bz this weekend, can't join us...but we managed to meet him on saturday, he came to my home, we had lunch together, ate my homemade "ayam masak paprik"...heee..lauk yg agak "diam" cos tak pedas..hahahahaha
one thing about seri iskandar, on saturday : astro organised an event :gempak DESA see the word DESA...terserlah betapa terpencilnye seri iskandar ini...heheheheh....but i still love seri iskandar ok!! we're not interested to attend the event, even there was a mini concert (anuar zain wasn't the there..heh!!) other reason, cerekarama showed the great drama with the hottest "hero malaya" : fahrin ahmad and my lovely actress :sharifah amani, DALIL CINTA...great drama but the ending was so typical malay drama..heh!! but i still love that drama...cos of the "brutal" character of amani and the coolest of fahrin..hmmm...
i slept early (12am)..heh!! my sis as usual, even she's here for a holiday, she still the "ulat buku" darl...brought all her books, notes...heh!! so she slept really late, 3-4am..heh!!

i've told you, my sis is the "ulat buku" darl...heh!!

this is how she studies, "tanda" here and there...heh!! tabik gile!!!

sunday, it's time to send her back to penang...huhuhuhu...i'm feeling lost...having her around for 3days were amazing moment ever....huhuhuhu....i want meet you again babe..very soon!!! bye2 i miss you lotsssssssss....

bergambar jek keje..heh!!

while waiting for the bus, i ate my fav childhood "jajan"~choki-choki, rania's fav too..heee

this bus "naik selalu" was responsible to send my sis back to closer to the photo : you can see how happy my sis was cos she's so proud with the name of the bus...hahahahaha

what am i doing while waiting for tomorrow (back to work) : facebooking, blogging, eating and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..heee. dont forget to watch for the final of RAJA LAWAK 4...go idlan go idlan go idlan..heeee



f!sy@fadzil said...

Lauk 'diam'? First time heard that..
haha I ingat akak terminal tue kene antar
gi induksi kat Kg Gajah..baru tau cam mana
nak budi bahasa..And lastly, Lan Pon Pon didn't win darling! hehehe (vote for anybody)

nadya shaharum said...

hahahha...lauk diam...quote from my granddad..hee...idlan didn't won...huhuhu...i loev his song..shibidibidi pon pon..hahahaha


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