Thursday, May 24, 2012

dear diary :: poplook @@

ok, i'm so addicted with online shopping


with the one & only POPLOOK


the trendy design & great look for muslimah fashion really inspiring ;)
me & my sis la ni
i'm the one yg jadi fashion consultant die..heh!!
juga merangkap tukang belikn tuk die cos die tkde online banking
(bz sgt minah ni...ipad tu meh kasi sini la..pfffttttt)

here's some of the design that i adore so much
dying to have each one of it
(mmg tk mampula nk shopping sume..
kawal nafsu tu skit pleaseeee)

nk sgt..tapi tk mampu nk beli cos harga 70+...heh!!
saye hanya akn shopping yg below 70 sahaje..sobs
so sekadar cuci mate sajela
 tapi kalo ditakdirkn saye pregnant
i will grab each of it
(cos tkdela rase serba salah sgt kalo nk beli pon...hehehe)
yela bleh what pakai mase preggy nanti
hot mama in the making ;)

so i've just bought some of it la
yg affordable yet stylish ;)

cun gile kn??


yg sedihnye
i'm not the lucky one
for today

really want this blouse so badly
baru jek nk bayar online
tetibe dh sold out
geram gile
tkde rezeki

i love zara & MNG
but too expensive maaaa
so POPLOOK have some similarities with those brands
& the prices super duper lower
so ape lagi
rajin2 la jenguk POPLOOK k


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