Wednesday, May 23, 2012

dear diary :: jealousy

getting married
u'll find out that u're exploring the true journey of life
super wonderful &
always will be the unexpected one

lots of challange we need to go through
in so many ways
we might be ready for it
sometimes, we dont even expect it to happen
what i could say is

always be prepared!!

no matter what
in every marriage
the key of being happy all the time is
when u keep on trusting each other....always!!!!
yes, it's true
not that easy ok
sometimes, it might be a lil kind of feeling
the in secure one
tk banyak pon at least 5%
pasti ade

especially when u're in the long distance relationship
when u got that feeling,
definitely jealousy will come in a sudden

but but but

dont let it control the whole emotion
cos it might "kill" you back
so what u should do

nothing more than

ALWAYS show how much u love & care for your hubby, very much...every single day
without fail!!!!

ALWAYS pray for your happiness (in marriage)
mohon Allah panjangkan jodoh, lindungi rumahtangga & pupuk kasih sayang ;)
cos nowadays, lots of people yg kite tk tau niat masing2
so drpd kite berprasangka buruk tk pasal2, better die mohon rumahtangga kite dilindungi Allah swt selalu dan dihindari dr hasad dengki org ;)

ALWAYS make your hubby happy when he's with you
jgn buat masalah
buat die sakit hati no no
dhla susah nk jumpe, so buat ape nk buat diri serabut2 kn?
happy saje sudah ;)

it seems so simple & easy to handle, right?
tepuk hati, tanyala diri

saya jeles bile ade yg saye rase ade gadis yg ala2 gedik2
cube kacau my hubby
yela i knowla diorg mcm gurau2
tapi hey!! mestila kite jeles ok
tapi tkpe, as long as my hubby tk pernah sorok ape2
& always share with me
so, i'm ok with it

tapi gadis2 di luar sane,
jgn berani2 k
once u're trying to do so
siapla i menyinga nanti
heh ;)
saye mmg ratu wrestling..nyeh3


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