Friday, February 3, 2012

dear diary : ...22 01 12...

:: 22 01 12 ::

wedding reception

alai perdana, malacca



fyzns said...

congratulation pn.nadya!
i love your wedding dress!
nk nangis tgk gmbr kahwin pn. nadya!

wish you the best in your future life being a wife and soon to be mother!
cepat2 dapat baby comel2! hehehe

p/s : been following ur blog. you have the most fairy tale love story ever!!! glad you meet your perfect mr.sepet! hehehehe.

nadya shaharum said...

tq so much dear...alhamdulillah, i've met my mr sepet who i;ve been waiting for so long....hey you..tq for following my blog...tkdela best pon...hehehe...hope my story will be ur inspiration..eceh!! ;)

cotton on bhaju admin said...

Darl, you are the most comelest pengantin bersongket okay. pukul abis suma pengantin2 yg lain (including me..muakakaka)..I'm happy for you at last you bersama chenta hati & soulmate yg u cari2 selama ini..pssstt best kan kawen? hahaha saja sakat you!

nadya shaharum said...

hahahaha..pandaila u...nanna & u pun cantikla pakai songket...hehee...yup, sgt2 best life as a wife...mcm i gedik skit, keep on waiting for the weekend cos time tu la i can spend my time with my hubby...alhamdulillah, he's the one...sgt2 serasi dgn i walaupun ade contradiction tapi tetap best...hehehe


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