Friday, September 30, 2011

dear diary : ...ok, i'll get it!!...

:: lesson of the day ::
it's all about trust, appreciation, patience
:: oh yup!! be supportive, loving & caring as well ::
pick up the phone and just says "hye" is more than enough to show, how much u care
:: so what are u waiting for, lets do it, while u still have time to do so *wink* ::

yup, i've done it
for every single day
just to let him know
how much i love him ;)
same goes to him too
tq sayang ;)

it's just that lately 
he's quite busy
marking papers, preparing the carry marks

i miss him
i miss him a lot
suke nk sakat die
suke nk gelak2 dgn die

yup...i've got to understand
he's got something important to focus on
yup..i'll get it!!

what can i do??


i'm trying my best
to be a supportive fiancee
encourage him to focus on his works
share some info's that might be useful for him

yup, sometimes...
i've been talking too much
super duper potpetpotpet makcik..heh!!
till i think he might be "letih" to listen to
sorry dear
i didnt mean to be that ways
i'm just worried if u'll face some problem with those works
i'm so worried if u wont understand lots of important things


yup...miss nadya
u've got to slowdown
dont keep on giving too much till "ternganga" tk paham kn..heh!!
ok ok i'll get it
next time..nomore potpetpotpet mak nenek kedut dh
talk when it's needed

:: gudnite, everyone!! ::
tido sambil senyum, pleaseeee!!
psssttttt~~sweetheart, i love u super duper much, no matter what!!
fighting baby!!
*mula memahami*

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