Tuesday, September 6, 2011

dear diary : ...being a virgo darl...

this year's celebration
was the great one
it's simple yet had been the sweet memories  

tq to all
wonderful people in my life
who cares and loves me
by showing their effort to make the bday surprises
tq tq tq so much ;)

u make me feel so great
at the age of 28th ;)
young at heart forever *wink*

:: 240811 ::

kunjungan from my partner, from UK tu..peewwiittt
tq so much for the surprise ;)

bday surprise from my students & cik jazmin ;);)

bday date with my adik macho ;)

sessi memujuk ati by my lovely sis & bro
@ TGI Fridays
tq asyookk for the "mini me"...supercute ;)

the sweetest bday date, i've ever had
tq sweetheart for coming straight away from bkt mahkota to malacca
just to be with me ;)

*eventhough there're few incidents happened..huhuhu..sungguh terkilan
but sayang, no matter what u still love me just like always...i love u so much sweetheart ;)

bday present from my sweetheart~
supercute :: yuna's album ~cos he knows i love yuna so much~
the parfum~he chooses this one~makes me think of him all the time *wink*
tq love ;)


the greatest bday present for me this year is YOU, sweetheart
alhamdulillah~tq Allah for giving him to me ;)

alhamdulillah :: a bless from both families...i'm so grateful ;)
~wishing for a bless from Allah
hopefully our truelove will be last forever ;) aminnn


being a virgo darl at the age of 28th, wasn't that bad at all
*age is just a number*
how you wanna accept the truth that you're getting older
and how u wanna make it to be the meaningful one
*tepuk dada tangan selera*

for me, being 28th
makes me feel more matured
more secure with my life
more responsibilities that i'm ready to go through
feel full of loves..given by my sweetheart
which i've been waiting for so long
and now by the age of 28th..alhamdulillah i've got it
the greatest one ever
& yes!! it's worth of waiting ;)
cos you're the best sweetheart ;) 

alhamdulillah~august 2011~the greatest one ever ;)


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