Sunday, March 13, 2011

dear diary : mini bowling tournament...heh!!

:: family outing ::
such a wonderful moment ever

tq my family
for giving their supports & encouragements

;) love all of u so much ~~

i'm the one who need to practice more & more
cuak sungguh~waiting for that moment, sweety ;)

my ayah pun terjebak sekali....i love my new ayah ~ fully recovered
will always be by your side, ayah ;);) 

my sis :: ratu longkang...heh!!
but hey, she's still the good one..woohoo!! at the beginning la tapi..hehe

yg ni jgn main2 ok...sgt tk puas ati
acikku sayang :: nape terror gile ni..heh!!

here's the results :: hey, mine~not bad at all ok..haahaha


after berhempas pulas baling bola bowling yg mostly masuk longkang..heh!!

it's a seoul garden moment~~
it's all about korea :: korea :: korea ;);)

with my girl~rania allysha ;);)

ayah & dina ;)

acik & pakcik zuri :: always the best ;)

my gossip partner ;);)
mama & dina

:: i'm homesick, right now ::
cant wAit to get back home..very soon!!


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